Surrounded By One

by Whitney Galaher

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Welcome to a hard-hitting part of my life. Where I want the world to crash and burn, but yet at the same time, feel loved.


released April 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Whitney Galaher New York

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Track Name: Dream of Me Too
Could you dream of me too?
Like all the others do
Like how I dream of you

Could we just have some fun
Out by the burning sun
Surrounded by none

I just wanna be in the same place as you

Could you be closer to me
You make me feel lively
You’re so lovely

Is this the only time
Where I could call you mine
Give me a sign
Track Name: Here
I sing to mask
All the nervous bits
Cause you know when I laugh
I can’t help but feel like
I’m shit for brains
Yeah I’m fucking lame
And I can’t help but ask
What am I even doing here

What am I doing here?

My eyes wander
I just can’t stand still
I made this awkward
I get why we take pills
Hoping for the better
Maybe I’ll say I’m ill
I still can’t help but ask
What am I even doing here?

Oh shoot, a dear old friend
One I really liked
But he had other plans
Now he’s got a wife
Obsessed with work and knows
Nothing about me
Guess its how things go
What am I even doing here?

And then I see his face
A year worth of chasing
Thinking, I’m a disgrace
Why keep returning
Being neighborly
But if we’re being honest
Just trying to prove that you mean nothing
Yet you’re something
Its why I’m here

You’re why I’m here.
Track Name: Welcome to Earth
welcome to earth
here is the deal
you can be happy
once you can feel
learn from mistakes
hearts you will steal
experience pain
sort out whats real

its 10% struggle
the rest is your fight
prove to me human
your judgements of right
grow with some help
wander the night
united we stand
share all your sight
with a friend

and i see that the world is scary
yes i know, which is why i left
but control your mind and your power
yes show the world all your best

time is so tricky
nature’s complex
try to think future
attached to the text
escape while you can
wish for the best
fact you know nothing
and dont fail that test

remember you’re worthy
we’re all dead inside
sarcasms easy
and santa’s a lie
comfort those hurt
man up, don’t cry
life is so precious
until we all die
Track Name: #Relatable
I just wanna go to bed
Act like everyone is dead
I just wanna sit all day
Have no words I needa say
I just wanna figure out why
I exist
All I wanna do is complain about you
Oh, all I wanna see
Is everyone defeated
I don’t wanna be
Alone again
I just wanna feel like everyone is suffering
Not only me
Cause that’s what it seems
Everyone needs to say
This is the worst year of their life

Yet I don’t mean this at all
But I am ultimately crushed
This is way more than a fall
This heart and soul is slop and mush
My bones and blood can’t take this anymore
My brain my gut is no longer sure
Can’t even wish for the good
It’s takin’ longer than it already should

Wanna be the hero
Wanna be the charmer
I’m really not all tough
I swear it’s just the armor
I say this a million times
I need to save myself
So much petty drama
I get myself into
No wonder they want
And are all leaving you
I’m pathetic
I don’t want you gone
Sorry for what’s been done
I am not the one
I just wanna feel like the quote unquote normal
Anxiety is stupid
Depression’s now formal

Get up or give up
You’re not alone again
Why are you so
No one needs to know
All the things you go through
You are not alone again
Track Name: Wanna Go 'Round, Again?
3013, you kept wanting to be with me, any me.
So lovely, you aligned the stars so I can see, so I can see.
It didn’t matter how dangerous the delivery was,
I left you breathless, you felt inspired just because
We fell in love

Our time was short, but it was the best time of my life
We froze time, the moment before I was your wife.
He asked me, Want to go around again?
Don’t stop playin’, wanna hear how it ends.

Hold still, dammit.
In my dreams, you’re a true romantic.
You’re right here.
I’d wait for you in a thousand years.
It didn’t matter what experiments when went through
Mutated, isolated, I still found you.

But you’re better than normal.
You’re the greatest, you’re abnormal.
Don’t you worry about the future?
Of course, but you’re always in it.