Still Single

by Whitney Galaher

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released July 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Whitney Galaher New York

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Track Name: Dear Harvey Kinkle
Oh dear Harvey Kinkle
If only I could sprinkle
A dash of love, you'd be under my spell
But I guess, oh well
Oh dear Harvey
If only you could love me
But you fell for a witch
Who makes you feel so rich
As far as I can tell

Soulmates or not
You'll end up left behind
She forgot
You'll be the first to die
Don't you want to grow old with someone
She loved lots of others, she's got more to come
But I would have always known
And I would have never let you go

Oh dear Harvey Kinkle
Your eyes, they seem to twinkle
And if I had the chance
I would give you romance
Like no witch can do
Oh dear Harvey
I know we're not meant to be
And she's got a talking cat
I guess I can't top that
But I'll be here for you
Track Name: For Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Girls beggin' Oh McLovin' let's have sex right on the floor
But see I am different, I don't care about your fame,
For some reason I just want to scream your name.

If you're worried about Mr. Dave
Don't you worry, I've got a hot girl saved
She's a freak, but you know what that means
She'll do anything to make his boner at ease

See there's only one problem
You live in the opposite way
But you're coming to my city
So you'll just stay
For one day
I'll make all your troubles go away

Mintz Plasse
Maybe this seems a bit odd
Not offering love, but a handjob.
And if you're looking for someone special and dear
I'd dive right in as long as you're being sincere

And for mister Franco
My best friend is more than nice
She's a bit kinky so I'm sure that'll add some spice
Not to mention, we could all go on double dates
Later on, we'll be like animals and mate

I see why some girls adore you
It's those silly remarks and crazy action you do
But I swear if we meet, I won't skip a beat
I'll just kiss you.
Track Name: Kyle
You just showed up
Yes you were working at the place I adored
Ever from the start
And this is where you stole my heart

You were a bit, a bit quiet
Not the mention, the music was so loud
And I was intimidated.

Caught off guard, you made me smile
Caught your name, oh dear Kyle
I secretly wish you thought I was cool too

I guess, if I knew
I'd fall straight down in your deep blue
Eyes, I wouldn't have lied,
I still tryin' so hard, to let you know
I think you're neat,
But I guess I should admit defeat

Of course you're awkward, but so am I
My pickup line was a damn lie
Cause I don't feel good enough for you

If you were right, about going through
Some messed up stuff,
Then hey, I'd never call your bluff,
But I'd like to help you too
Track Name: Give Me Daryl
Everytime I see a goddamn walker
I can't help but be a bit scared
But I will be alright as long as Daryl's there.
Sometimes it feels like I won't survive
What are the chances of me staying alive
I will be alright, as long as Daryl's on my side

I didn't ask to be stuck in this world
(I didn't think that anything like this would happen)
But if I have to be then give me Daryl
(But now it's here to stay, I should think the Daryl way)
Walkers come,baby he would kill them
(Walkers are everywhere)
So please give me Daryl dixon
(I am so scared)
Make me the happiest girl

Maybe it's just me, but I don't trust Rick
In season three, he became a prick
Killing off people, who aren't even sick
Daryl's rising up like an angel
His main goal is to protect all the people
Treated like a zero,
To becoming the ultimate hero
Track Name: Mr. Tim
Hey Mr. Tim
Are you awake?
I think over there it's half past eight
Hey Mr. Tim
How do you pass time?
Do you go on adventures and solve crime?

Hey Mr. Tim
Do you know him?
If you wanna be cool, if you wanna fit in
Well, you gotta know mister tim

Hey Mr. Tim
How's work today?
They say if there's no work, then there's no play
Hey Mr. Tim
You make me smile
I wish we can talk more than once in a while

Hey Mr. Tim
What's going on?
I'm a little embarrassed I wrote you this song
Hey Mr. Tim
Can we be friends?
Can we stay up late watching Simon Pegg